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Rose Niland

Artist & Musician

Hello, and thank you for stopping by to visit some of the stuff I share here. 


Here’s a link to my first EP with my band Rose & The Diamond Hand.

We are recording an album in November. A completely different sound compared to this EP.


The Art of Becoming

Musings from My Blog

My Lagan love

Since the beginning of the lockdown this is the song that was stuck in my head the most. It's one of my favorite Irish folk songs and dates back to 1903. I’d heard the song many times before as Irish music played a large part of my childhood, but at around age 20, I...

To The Earth

At Ryebank Fields Current Project 10/11/20 The music created is an extended version of the middle section of another song. It has a tribal and etheric feel to it and as its has now progressed to the next sensory level of vision it has been assigned to the earth....

Happy Halloween

by The Blood Thirsty Queen This Halloween special is inspired by the conspiracy theory (or is it?) That The Royal Family and other families alike are in fact devil worshiping, blood drinking, murdering, humanoid psychopathic abusers. The footage used is from inside of...

Mindful Photography

Here is a collection of the photographs I've taken so far in lockdown, Mindful photography is a wonderful and creative way to stay present and has helped me to center myself when surrounded by confusion. I discovered Mindful Photography through my good friend and our...