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My Mum is a big fan of queer culture, and although I didn’t fully understand the genius of John Waters films when I was a child I enjoyed them (especially Hair Spray and polyester).

I’d always toyed with the idea of doing drag makeup but it wasn’t until a friends (Sally Mason left) Open mic night at the Crown and Kettle that gave me the final push. Playing that night were Beau and Violet (Violet Blonde and Beau Laveau Blonde) they are a music duo and also drag queens. Beau is a female drag queen /Bio queen.

I didn’t realise until that moment that women COULD be drag queens! Of course they can! Talk about living in a box! That was the push I needed to come out myself as a Queer Artist.

For me, queer is not identifying with any of the social constructs that we’re boxed in to. I am me, I am free, I’m without label. Or maybe an alien.