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This evening is a full moon in Libra. The balance of which the world so desperately needs right now. Not only that It’s a Pink Super Moon! The perfect time to make a batch of fire cider.

Today’s one hour release from quarantine house arrest was spent visiting The Unicorn (the best vegan organic supermarket in the world) . The socially distanced queue of people wearing their face masks was long. And surreal. I’m missing my friends and family quite a bit at the moment, hence pictures below….

For two, two liter kilner jars I used three 500ml bottles of apple cider vinegar but could have used four.

Before you begin, make sure your kilner jars are clean and sterile. Wash the glass in soapy water, let them dry off in the oven. Place them into the oven upside down at 160-180 degrees for 15 minutes. For the rubber seals, pop them in a bowl of boiled water then allow to dry.


  • 3 onions
  • 4 bulbs of garlic
  • 6 red chilies
  • Equal amounts of ginger and turmeric
  • 1.5 liters of organic raw apple cider vinegar

Horse radish is also good to add. You can use whatever you want and in whatever quantity but do use fresh and organic. As a rough guide aim for equal quantities of all of the fresh ingredients.

Garry Garlic

I chopped the garlic first and had a chat with Garry. Mad as a box of frogs is Garry, we had a right laugh.

Once the bowl was full with chopped garlic I shared it between the jars…

Then Our Tina Turmeric popped by to say hello.

The same with the rest of the ingredients. Chop them up then into the big jars in equal measure, pour on the apple cider vinegar and the prep is complete.

Just in case you don’t know, because I didn’t for ages. The rubber seal that keeps the jars air tight attaches to the lid.

Stage one complete

Now, once you have cleaned up and everything is back in order you must hug your fire ciders, give them lots of love and pour the intention of Good health into them.

Find a dark cupboard just for them where they will be undisturbed, but give them a daily shake, hug and love. When the moon has been through a full cycle your fire cider will be ready.

Tonight’s pink moon

Fire cider is most effective before the flu really kicks in. As soon as you get that feeling – You know you’re about to get ill. Take a sip every three hours for as long as needed and your flu will not develop.

There’s loads of information and recipes on the internet about the multiple benefits of fire cider. Check out the links below. It is so so so so powerful. And with the energy of the moon Extra powerful 🙂