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by The Blood Thirsty Queen

This Halloween special is inspired by the conspiracy theory (or is it?) That The Royal Family and other families alike are in fact devil worshiping, blood drinking, murdering, humanoid psychopathic abusers.

The footage used is from inside of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. And really does show an obscene amount of wealth. Paired with the workers (which was footage taken from the restoration of Windsor Castle) I was demonstrating how working class people who earn a tiny tiny fraction of what her royal highness makes while she sits on the toilet are the very people being used by a handful of over privileged billionaires to keep them on their thrones.

For the soundscapes I used samples from The Smiths The Queen is dead, Sex Pistols God Save the Queen and Henry Purcell’s The Funeral of Queen Mary.

I did have a jolly good time impersonating her royal highness. The rigidity and lack of expression were key. I watched a few of her Christmas speeches and tried to find footage of her laughing (there were few). Also a few episodes of The Crown.