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Here is a collection of the photographs I’ve taken so far in lockdown, Mindful photography is a wonderful and creative way to stay present and has helped me to center myself when surrounded by confusion.

I discovered Mindful Photography through my good friend and our (Rose & The Diamond Hand) guitarist Heather Greenbank aka @themindfulphotographeruk

Many people already do practice mindful photography to a certain extent while out photographing but when you deliberately apply the methods You become one with nature and when you are in alignment with nature, magic happens. Beautiful moments that are so synchronistic they could not be witnessed otherwise.

Here are Heather’s top tips

A – Awareness – Tune in to your senses and surroundings

B – Be open – To whatever catches your eye

C – Closer – Move towards the subject to explore and appreciate it

What is Mindful Photography? Being open to what’s around us, using all our senses. Noticing flashes of perception/what catches our eye. Paying attention – Placing our awareness on the subject and really looking before we press the shutter. Zooming in with our eyes and taking time to explore the subject from different angles. Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. Embodiment – Imagining we are the subject, what it might feel like to move like a tree, have the translucence of a cloud, or the power of a wave.

Point Aim Shoot Capture is the language of war. In mindful photography, we look to receive rather than take, to collaborate and co create images with the subject, with appreciation, respect and humility.