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The song I have written (for Ryebank Fields) is a healing incantation, the intention being to bring protection, peace and harmony to Earth and all of humanity. I see the land of Ryebank Fields as a microcosm of our Planet. Where Power Hungry Tycoons trample over what is sacred to satisfy their over inflated and insecure egos. For more information on Ryebank Fields and the cause please follow the link at the bottom of the page.

The ugliness and chaos rises to the surface to be witnessed by all and then it is released, I believe that the intelligence of nature and pure love that exists here is undefeatable. My offering is merely a compliment to ease the process and honour the land.

The words are formed in a mantra style, constantly repeating “My heart is in this land, My home is in this heart” The idea being that all gather to form a circle, and while singing, hold a piece of the land/nature against their hearts then pass it to the person on their left. Empowering the land, our connection to it and our connection to one another As one heart beating together.

As part of The Ryebank Fields Women’s Walk in October, I had the honour and Privilege to perform this song with the women who sang the three part harmony and it was so magical.

Me (Rose Niland)

It was performed in the labyrinth close to the Nicos Ditch. We stood together and sang by candle light along with torches and illuminated and flashing dog collars, It was beautiful.

I played the drum to keep time but also to represent a heart beat. Our hearts. The hearts of all the little creatures that live among us and of course the Heart beat of Ryebank Fields and Planet Earth.

The Women of Ryebank Fields

Aside from the song performed at the labyrinth, The women walked through the Aspen Grove which was also lit by candles, they walked in silence, In honour, respect and solidarity towards all Women. Our rights as women to feel safe, supported and free.

To sing together by candle light. To laugh, To be silent and to talk. To feel the excitement of the night life in nature. To be together in the darkness of night with no fear is a truly unique experience. One that I look forward to whenever it is held.

The Aspen Grove

Big Thank yous to Jay Clark for organizing the Women’s Walk events and to the amazing volunteers for ensuring the safety of all who attended.

All the gorgeous pics taken by Jay. Her Instagram – @therapy.up.north

Friends of Ryebank Fields facebook page –