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Rose Niland

Artist & Musician

Hello, and thank you for stopping by to visit some of the stuff I share here. 


Here’s a link to my first EP with my band Rose & The Diamond Hand.

We are recording an album in November. A completely different sound compared to this EP.


The Art of Becoming

Musings from My Blog

Fire Cider Recipe

This evening is a full moon in Libra. The balance of which the world so desperately needs right now. Not only that It's a Pink Super Moon! The perfect time to make a batch of fire cider. Today's one hour release from quarantine house arrest was spent visiting The...

Postcard Art & The Psychedelic Experience

Expressionless creatures buzz around, Their look isn't friendly but they meant no harm. Playful energy, they send messages. Confirmation of ethereal communication. Becoming one and present. This series of postcard sized art depicts a creative free-flow of ideas, an...

The Tower

The Tower is a concept album I've been working on for over 2 years. It's a journey based on my own personal experiences; from dreams, fantasy, intrusive and obsessive thoughts, love, spirituality, magic, mysticism, tarot, deep healing, awareness and liberation. As...

Awakening the Third Eye

Awaken your third eye. Alana Bondi was/is a beautiful soul who lived among us on this planet for 33 years. We met through our shared label - German Shepherd Records, like kindred alternative spirits with similar taste in music. She passed in January 2017. Her passing...