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At Ryebank Fields (Current Project)


Inspiration for To The Earth has come from save the Ryebank fields movement. Local to me and next door to my old primary school St Johns in Chorlton. Myself and fellow artist friend Leona Free visited today to get a feel for the place and met Roy who’s family has lived there for generations.

Roy told us how Ryebank field used to be a lake his Mother would sail on as a girl with her friends. It was bombed during the war leaving a huge crater which before it was filled in, was a dumping ground. It houses a plane, a truck full of radios, bricks containing asbestos, a potential undetonated bomb and god knows what else!

It has now returned to the wild beauty of nature and is a much loved space of the community. They hold events here have creative spaces, fruit trees have been planted. It is beautifully wild, moss grows on some of the old trees old branches lie untouched. Natural eco systems are everywhere supporting wildlife that is now returning.

The official owners MMU were gifted the land by the council are trying to sell it to developers. No! Support the cause here


Huge thank you to Nancy Green A friend of Ryebank fields and also my lovely homeopath for telling me about this gem. (Day one of filming) This is taken from The Nico Ridge which is thought to be 1000 years old from Roman times. It stretches right accross Manchester. I had no idea. Such a fascinating land we live on. Read all about it here

Ready to film with Heather Greenbank Our amazing guitarist and mindful photographer

Another huge thank you to Jay Clarke an exceptional photographer and friend of Ryebank Fields. We feel very honored to be photographed by her (picture above). Here’s the link to her Instagram

Video Concept

Serendipitously, on the day that we all met for filming, The Friends of Ryebank Fields were there having a meeting. Ron Senchak, Rhetta Moran and Jay Clarke (below) joined in with the project and I’m so glad that they did. Their connection to Ryebank Fields and presence in the film complete the concept of the piece. Strength protection and the power love. The Diamond Divas or in this case “Devas” (Sally Mason and Becky Taylor Sharman) and Friends of Ryebank fields, represent the guardians and elementals of the earth.

Elementals are like playful extensions of the earth who help to maintain the physical well-being of the planet. A creative expression of what already is happening here at the lovely Ryebank Fields

I’m aware of the earths pain in this space. She has been through so much. She has been deeply wounded by humanity, and is in much need of healing. This is being brought to her by the community and brings joy to all.

It is my deepest heart felt intention that this piece of music and the whole creative process involved will bring harmony to the earth and Ryebank Fields forever. What a beautiful space. The love here is astounding. We should all be praying for more spaces like this.

For more information on the history, wild life, events, art and to support Ryebank Fields, follow the link below