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I first became interested in glass art after my cousin introduced me to etched glass ware, he was making and selling at markets and I just loved it. Through my research I discovered glass painting and became hooked. Particularly wine glasses. They are so beautiful. The feminine curvature and elegant stem. The glamourous nature of each style of glass assigned its own specific drink.

After watching a lady on youtube who does dot mandalas on her glasses I felt inspired to make my own. I also love henna tattoo art and Combine that with a few psychedelic experiences The designs speak for themselves. Each glass is an original piece with no planning prior.

Below is a video I made while painting my most recent glass. It took around 3 hours. I have added to the video a song I made a few years ago called Beyonder Yonder, The day previous I had been to see Sigur Rós at Manchester Apollo, It was an amazing experience seeing them perform…. I was filled with inspiration and ideas. The song is originally a lot longer but I took this wee chunk out.

If you would like to try wine glass painting the tools I use are Deco Art Gloss Enamel glass paint, which dries on permanently after 21 days or can be baked at a low temperature and is then apparently dish washer safe though I would advise to stick with hand washing.

The tools used are nail art dotters and a brush for the stem. Lots of kitchen roll, cotton buds and water to clean up any mistakes.

If you are interested in purchasing a glass please do check out my shop 🙂 Folksy Link top right (updating this weekend 20/21 November) Will be live and stocked with more goodies on Monday 22nd November